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Rp 13,500,000
Mamiya RZ67 Pro II (Please call to get special prices)
Camera Body With Waist Level Finder

The Mamiya RZ67 Pro II is the legendary , From its legendary "Ideal Format", almost perfect for making 8 1/2 x 11 proportional images with virtually no image cropping or format waste, to its unique revolving back, which provides vertical or horizontal composing, the Mamiya RZ Professional system has earned the respect of professional photographers around the world.

Features :
Intermediate Shutter Speed Settings
Built-in Micro Extension Knob, Double-knob Focusing
Electronic Leaf Shutter, All-speed Flash Synchronization
Viewfinder Indicator Lamps And Electronic Alarms
Horizontal And Vertical Exposure Counter Windows
Superior Optics With Maximum Correction Of Chromatic Aberration
Interchangeable Viewfinders
Interchangeable Film Magazine Capability
Interchangeable Focusing Screens
Interchangeable Power Winder (optional)

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Camera Type : 6 X 7 cm roll film SLR with lens shutter.
Film Holder : 120 Roll Film Holder HA703 (interchangeable)
220 Roll Film Holder HB702 (interchangeable)
6x4.5 120 Roll Film Holder RZ (interchangeable)
Polaroid Pack Film Holder HP702 (interchangeable)
Film type : 120 film (120 Roll Film Holder HA703) (10 exposure)
120 film (6x4.5 120 Roll Film Holder RZ) (15 exposures)
220 film (220 Roll Film Holder HB702) (20 exposure)
Instant film (Polaroid Pack Film Holder HP702)
Negative size : 6x7 cm format: 56x69.5 mm
6x4.5 cm format: 56x41.5 mm
Polaroid Pack: 70x70 mm
Revolving Back : The back revolves 90 to change from the horizontal to vertical format or vice versa. Viewfinder format automatically changes as back revolves.
Lens Mount : Special bayonet mount (with built-in safety lock)
Lens type : Interchangeable RZ lenses
Interchangeable lenses for the RB can also be used.
Shutter : Seiko #1 electronic shutter
Shutter Release : Body shutter release plus electronic shutter release contacts.
Shutter Speed : 1/400-8 sec. (with intermediate speeds), B, T (mechanical) / RBL (when the RB lens used) and AEF (when the AE Prism Finders used) positions / Mechanical shutter of 1/400 sec. usable.
Sync operation : with flash sync terminal (X-sync) on lens or hot shoe.
Multiple exposure : Possible by means of R-M lever.
Focusing Screen : Type A Matte is the standard
Focusing screens for the RZ are interchangeable.
Viewfinder : Waist-Level Finder FW702 is the standard interchangeable with the AE Prism Finder FE701 / Finders for the RZ and RB can also be used.
Percentage of the field of view visible 95% This information is based on a linear (horizontal / vertical) measurement.
Film Transport : A single 114 stroke of the Cocking Lever advances the film and Exposure Counter, sets the Mirror and Light Baffle, and cocks the shutter.
Focusing Method : The Rack and pinion focusing extends the built-in bellows up to a maximum of 46 mm
Equipped with a Focusing Knob and Lock Lever/ With subject distance and exposure factor indications.
Winder : RZ Winder II (RZ Winder I cannot be used)
Cable Release : The shutter can be released by mean of a cable release connected to a contact on the camera body
Remote control is possible by means of a receiver connected to the same contact.
Battery Type : One alkaline-manganese battery (4LR44) or silver oxide Battery (4SR44) to operate the body
Six AA size Ni-Cd batteries or one special AC adapter (DC9V) for driving the winder.
Safety features : Viewfinder display (by LEDs and pictorial symbols) :
Warning on incomplete cocking lever setting / Warning on failure to pull out the dark slide / Battery check.
Electronic alarm sound when :
The shutter speed dial is at the "RBL" position when an RZ lens is used /The shutter dial is at the "AEF" position when the AE Prism Finder is removed / The shutter speed dial is any other position than "RBL" when no lens is mounted or an RB lens is mounted on the camera / The battery power has dropped.
Release locked when :
The cocking lever has been set incompletely / The dark slide has not been pulled out / The shutter speed dial is at the "RBL" position when an RZ lens is used /The shutter speed dial is at the "AEF" position when the AE Prism Finder is removed / The shutter speed dial is at any other position than "RBL" when there is no lens on the body or an RB lens is mounted on the camera.
Dimensions : 108 mm (width) X133.4 mm (height) X 211.5 mm (length).
Weight : 2,490g when the body (1,350g) (with Waist-Level Finder).
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